Rapidly ideate & validate

Grio's workshop series rapidly moves you through the initial steps of product strategy, design, and architecture. Bootstrap your product development by brainstorming features and architecture, learning about your users, and more!

User Story

Too often, entrepreneurs want to dive headlong into building their latest concept. Not so fast - you could be building the wrong thing! The smart approach is to evaluate, stretch, and prune your ideas with a team of experts before committing valuable time and money to a product build. The Grio User Story Workshop is a collaborative discovery experience that helps you quickly scope a project based on business and end-user needs.

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User Research

Software takes time and money to build. Before launching into development, you want to make sure that you are making your users' lives easier. How? By validating your assumptions against observations, interviews, and hard data. In the User Research Workshop, We'll discuss and list the assumptions you are making about your users today.

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User Testing

At Grio, we use a variety of tools and techniques for testing such as paper and online prototyping, eye tracking, first click tests, interviews, and more. The goal is to hone in on a product design that truly helps users' lives. By quickly figuring out what is working and weeding out what is not, we can empower users and save time and money.

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Spending time upfront to ensure that all parts of a system understand how to talk to each other can make the difference between a successful software project and a failed one. In our APIs Workshop, we’ll do just that. This workshop is led by a Grio architect, and works collaboratively with your technical and product teams to identify all the critical communication channels used in the system.

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You wouldn’t build a house without having plans in place first. A software project is no different. In Grio’s Architecture Workshop, we’ll discuss they key technical aspects of your system and dig into the technical requirements.

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