Embedding in IoT Teams


(Multiple Projects)

Fitbit is known around the world for their personal smart devices and activity trackers. For the past several years Grio has partnered with Fitbit iOS, Android, and backend development. Grio teams have worked on a variety of Fitbit projects, including building app features for new devices as well as building out backend systems to support Fitbit devices.

The Challenge

  • Augment established, globally distributed teams

Fitbit turned to Grio when they were looking for strong developers who could be brought in to bolster their own teams. As an established leader in personal devices, Fitbit development teams already have a lot of processes and procedures in place, and Grio team members need to work within that framework. Additionally, each project has its own individual challenges from technical demands like working with novel devices, to organizational challenges, like working without a lot of documentation, or collaborating on globally distributed teams. Some projects have all these challenges and more!

Our Approach

  • Work with Fitbit’s process as much as possible

  • Create documentation when necessary

At Grio, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to collaborate with our clients. We have our own processes, but we are also happy to work within a client's established processes - the most important thing is for teams to be productive. With Fitbit, our approach has always been to work within their constraints and fit into their teams as seamlessly as possible. This extends to physical locations as well - some of our team members work at Fitbit’s offices, while others (especially those on more globally distributed teams) might work out of Grio’s offices.

The Results

  • Deeply embedded teams

  • A multi-year relationship

Over the years we’ve been proud to deliver stable and flexible products that help end users achieve their health and fitness goals. Grio has become a trusted partner for Fitbit’s engineering teams. We’re proud to have been part of more than half a dozen Fitbit product launches over the years and we look forward to a continuing successful relationship with Fitbit!

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