IoT + EEG in the Cloud


EEG IoT Platform

Ceribell tapped Grio to build a medical-grade IoT platform for their novel electroencephalogram (EEG) device. Ceribell’s EEG device turns brainwaves into sounds, allowing front-line medical professionals, such as nurses and ER doctors, to quickly diagnose seizures and other brain function anomalies. The Grio team designed and built Ceribell’s FDA-approved cloud-based EEG system, the first of its kind. The Ceribell system is now used in clinical settings across the country to detect ongoing seizures, making EEGs more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.


  • Cloud-based experience needed to mimic systems doctors are already using

  • Diagnostic system needs to be error free, meet FDA approval standards

Ceribell needed a fast and reliable system to address the high-stakes nature of the medical conditions in question, and the extremely short response times required to assure positive outcomes for patients. The system was built in order to meet the rigorous reliability and security requirements of FDA approval. To gain widespread adoption, the new cloud-based system had to replicate features of the existing PC-based systems clinicians were already familiar with, while also offering all the advantages of the Cloud.


  • Create an intuitive web-based tool that mimics traditional EEG

  • Tackle the most difficult parts of the project first

  • Close collaboration with the client and clinicians

Grio designed and built an intuitive web based tool for doctors and nurses to monitor, review, and report on the brain activity that was being captured by Ceribell’s EEG device. To keep the tool intuitive for medical professionals, the UI mimics the output of a traditional EEG machine. On the development side, we strategically tackled the most challenging tasks first, such as parsing, caching, and securing the data in the cloud, and visualizing the EEG using browser-based technologies. Close collaboration, feedback from clinicians in the field, and constant iteration allowed us to get the first version of the app up and running quickly.


    With the new system, clinicians are able to visualize multiple data streams concurrently, which has led to improved efficiency in the diagnostic and treatment workflow. Ceribell received FDA approval for their device and Cloud-based IoT platform, completed clinical trials, and is now rolling out their devices to hospitals across the country.

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